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Ab wheel

Ab wheel
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Quick Overview

An abdominal or ab wheel is a really effective exercise tool for training and stimulating the abdominal muscles, back and core muscles. This belly wheel comes with dual wheels and non-slip foam handles that provide a super firm and comfortable grip during training.The entire abdominal muscles are stimulated extremely effectively in a natural and gentle way, where the entire body's balance ability is activated and improved significantly. Abdominal training is a challenging and tough form of exercise.There are two basic variations of abdominal training:

1) With the knees on the ground, which is the easiest training method with belly wheels, which is still extremely effective. It is a good idea to have your knees on a training mat.

2) The standing where the knees are not in contact with the ground. It is clearly the toughest and most demanding training method. It is important to maintain a correct attitude and controlled weather training

Both exercises are performed by rolling back and forth in stretched arms. The training can also be performed with training elastic for extra resistance.

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Gear Spec:
• Diameter: 400 mm
• Material: PVC
• Color: Blue
• Equipment: Hand pump included