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Body Pump Studio Barbell, set 20 kg

Body Pump Studio Barbell, set 20 kg
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Quick Overview

BodyPump® is a varied world-renowned functional strength and exercise for the whole body. You use the lever and sliced either together or separately, and often followed by high beat on rhythmic music.

This training is for everyone because no weight is used as in other strength training. It is more about endurance rather than strength. However, you can adjust the weight to your strength, using the supplied weight washers. The weight discs can also be used alone as a kind of dumbbell.

Training with BodyPump® sets provides muscle building, fat burning, and especially high post-combustion. It's about many repetitions - up to 100 repetitions in a workout.

At KettlebellShop ™ you can also buy the loose parts from the kit in the form of barbell, barbell and barbell spring respectively. Write your wishes to us in an e-mail to mail@kettlebellshop.dk.

How to use your BodyPump® set from KettlebellShop™:

Eksempel på effektive Squat øvelser med Bumper Plate:

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Body Pump Studio Barbell Set
• 1 piece of lever, about 2.5 kg, 140 cm
• 2 sets of clips
• 2 pcs 5 kg weights
• 2 pcs 2.5 kg weights
• 2 pcs. 1.25 kg weights

Important: The weights can not be dropped or lost as our other Bumper plate.