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ChupaClimb is a brand dedicated mountain climbing and bouldering developed by people from the environment. They know if any meaning a good grip. ChupaClimb develops products for mountaineering and bouldering - under the motto Climb like a Beast. ChupaClimb's products are widely used in other training environments, where a good grip is essential to optimize performance. This is especially true in gyms, for strength training and for cross-training. ChupaClimb is based in Montana, Bulgaria. The company was founded in 2015.

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ChupaClimb is behind products suitable for mountaineering and bouldering - developed by people with a background in these environments.

ChupaClimb develops products that are suitable for training, where a good grip is essential.

In KettlebellShop you will find the following ChupaClimb products:

ChupaClimb Liquid Chalk Creamy 250 ml

ChupaClimb Liquid Chalk 100 ml

ChupaClimb Finger tape

ChupaClimb Finger tape RE-FILL

ChupaClimb Boulder Brush

ChupaClimb Chalk block 56 g