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Olympic Bumper Plate 10 kg

Olympic Bumper Plate 10 kg
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Quick Overview

Our Bumper Plate 10 kg is made in a very high quality of ultra-durable 100% solid black rubber with a steel ring in the hole and has the same diameter as all our other Bumper Plate weight washers.

That's why it's easy to work with and helps increase durability because all weight picks take off when you lose or throw them away from you. At the same time, your Olympic lever is also further protected.

Each unit has been tested for 9000 drops. So it's solid quality at a low fitness price and fits perfectly into your Bumper Plate set.

The weight washers are perfect for deadlifting or training at maximum load. Did you know that Bumper Plate from KettlebellShop is the serious weightlifter's preferred slice.

Here's just an alternative serious Air Squat exercise with a Bumper Plate:

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Gear Spec:
• Fits all our OL barbells
• Weight: 10 kg
• Hollow diameter: 5 cm
• Hole reinforcement: 3 mm steel edge
• Diameter: 45 cm
• Thickness: 4.59 cm
• Material: 100% rubber
• Tested to 9000 drops

* Please note that the price is for 1 piece. Bumper Plate (1 weight plate).