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  • Classic Steel Kettlebell 16 kg, KettlebellShop Classic Steel Kettlebell 16 kg, KettlebellShop
  • Classic Steel Kettlebells, KettlebellShop Classic Steel Kettlebells, KettlebellShop

Classic Steel Kettlebell 16 kg

Classic Steel Kettlebell 16 kg
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Quick Overview

A kettlebell of 16 kg is a good choice for experienced athletes in good shape and with a certain built-up basic strength.

A kettlebell is a great tool for increasing strength, endurance and explosiveness with one and the same tool. Training with kettlebells is strength training, high burning and muscle building at the same time and with only one training tool.

Exercises with kettlebells are good for the whole body. Many people experience that it has an effect that is significantly greater than going to a gym. You can in a short time get a really effective training for the large muscle groups and with a high burn.

A kettlebell of 16 kg is a real weight size that fits in all kettlebell sets.

Kettlebells are, among other things, for you who might well have the opportunity to perform some simple but effective exercises in your own home. It could be when the time is not enough for a trip to the gym. Kettlebells are smart to have because they do not take up much space, but can be used quickly to perform a variety of good and effective exercises. For example, with kettlebells you can perform kettlebell swings or squats, which are exercises that go in and affect the whole body and strengthen the balance and endurance.

KettlebellShop recommends the use of sports lime to achieve a good and secure grip while protecting hands and fingers. For example, it could be a block of lime to reach a good grip. See the selection for a good and secure grip and for hand care.
In connection with kettlebell training, there will be repeated shocks to the wrist. These shocks can be taken by training with wrist protectors such as KettleGuards. At the same time, they are good for also acting as a sweatband.

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Classic Steel Kettlebell 16 kilo

Handle diameter 34 mm

Kettlebell diameter 180 mm

Height kettlebell 255 mm

Color: Yellow