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  • Climskin® heler huden Climskin® heler huden
  • Climskin® Hand repair, skin balm, Kettlebellshop Climskin® Hand repair, skin balm, Kettlebellshop

Climbskin® hand cream, hand repair - skin balm

Climbskin® hand cream, hand repair - skin balm
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Quick Overview

Climbskin® is fast acting and restores thin skin after climbing. It does not grease and can therefore be used directly as you climb.

If you have scratches, small wounds, blisters or damaged skin, Climbskin® helps to get far faster.

Grease one or more layers on your hands - it should not work out too much, because too much has been done.

If there is a sore or cracking on the skin, cover them with the cream for about 20 minutes, after which any residue is lubricated, so that the wounds and cracks will get air. Do it twice a day to speed up the healing process.

Use the hand cream several times a day, especially when climbing. Make skin care of your hands a routine to achieve perfectly healthy and resistant skin on your hands.

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Gear Spec:
• Application: Care and healing of skin
• Ingredients: Sea-buckthorn and leek oil, Shea butter, Dragonflower, Aloe Vera
• Natural product: No perfumes or artificial colors
• Animal studies: Not tested on animals
• Packaging: Recycling ♻️, Ø51 mm, H36 mm, weight 69 gr, screw cap
• Quantity: 30 ml / 29 gr

CLIMBSKIN HAND CREAM contains the most potent skin regenerative agents found in nature, under a novel formula that combines eight major components.

CLIMBSKIN HAND CREAM combines oils and extracts of the best quality in a product of dense texture but fast absorption, resistant at extreme conditions yet not oily. Climbskin Hand Cream contains no artificial colors or perfumes, just the best ingredients, combined to give a pleasant aroma, natural and characteristic.

The entire manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and cruelty free (not tested on animals).

  • With oils and natural active ingredients
  • Without colour and perfume additives