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  • Clubbell 8 kg. Fra Kettlebellshop Clubbell 8 kg. Fra Kettlebellshop

Clubbell 8 kg

Clubbell 8 kg
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Quick Overview

Clubbell 8 kg, steel - gentle workout for neck and shoulders.

Clubbells caters to both men and women, and like any other training, it is important to find some exercises and put together a program that suits you. Clubbells adds to a holistic training from top to toe, focusing on mobility, stability, strength and circuits.

One reason why many choose training with Clubbells is because it's easy and it's fast, it's efficient, it builds strength and burns fat.

When talking about cardio-functional training that works without overload, you will not get beyond Clubbells. They have become very popular for crosstraining - and perhaps it's just that so many doctors and physiotherapists just recommend Clubbells as your crossfit training tool.

You can find online exercises and video clips on YouTube.

Below you can see a short video about Clubbell double swipe exercises.

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Club bell

Quantity: 1 pcs.
Weight: 8 kg
Material: Powder coated solid cast steel
Purpose: Training of neck and shoulders, cardio, rehabilitation
Quality: Top quality.