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Club bells for sore muscles in the neck and shoulders and functional training

Clubbells are great for supporting and rebuilding the muscles in the forearms and upper body. On this page you can find weights from 200 g and up to 20 kg, which gives most people the opportunity to use this form of exercise.

Do you have neck and shoulder pain and maybe tension headaches? Macebell hammers and indian clubs can take care of that. You will also find the adjustable Indian club - Pahlavandles. It consists of a pair of handles that fit on ordinary plastic soda bottles. You adjust the degree of loading yourself when the bottles are filled up, for example with sand.

Training with club and mace bells is far less explosive and with more sliding movements than with traditional kettlebells. It is therefore a form of exercise that is effective, but far more gentle on your joints and shoulders than traditional exercise equipment is.

You can read more about training with clubbells, macebells gym hammers here on the site.

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This type Club bells is historically traced back to India and was originally made of wood - called "Indian Clubs."

You will find a few models of the original type in KettlebellShops program.

Doctors and physical therapists recommend training with Clubbells to rebuild many forms of damage.

Club bells are also popular because it is fast and efficient, it builds strength and burns fat. - Everything at once.

Club bells range from gentle rehabilitation of cardio training and functional workout.