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Cross eq. / RX Smart Gear

Here you will find our cross training equipment a natural extension of our Kettlebell program.

We provide you a wide selection of products that are suitable for intensive training, typically 10 to 25 minutes daily. Cross training is natural training and gives you noticeably better results when it comes to muscle building and fat burning.

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Training with Kettlebells is suitable for both men and women. It is not only popular, but well documented that it gives strength and burn fat! 
Kettlebells is suitable for home use, as they take up minimal space.

Cross training is a form of exercise that builds on our natural movements and is also known for its variety and intensity. Thus trained not only strength, but also fitness.

With the functional movements can achieve high intensity because it activates multiple muscle groups and joints in the same exercise. It is a form of exercise, which generally offer fewer injuries and builds on our natural movement patterns in contrast to the often monotonous machines in gyms.

Cross training based on equal parts of:
* Stamina
* Strength
* Power
* Balance
* Flexibility
* Coordination
* Speed
* Agility
* Precision

The intensive training or just metcon is typically 10-25 minutes - which most have time.