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Jordan, wrist guard

Jordan, wrist guard
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Quick Overview

Padded wrist guards specially designed for kettlebell exercises. Thereby, you avoid discomfort in the forearms by kettlebell training, for example by 'cleans' and 'snatch'.

Jordan wrist protectors from KettlebellShop ™ are worn on and off as regular sweatbands, and they are "one size fts all" and slim fit. They are therefore close, but still comfortable to wear.

They are absolutely perfect with our highly recommended Competition Kettlebells, where we deliver completely smooth handles that do not tear your fingers. Thus, even hard training feels almost like a play.

Jordan wrist protectors are especially for crossfit training with kettlebells, for weight lifting and generally for wrist wraps including as wrist protectors for gymnastics.

They are easy to carry in the bag for kettlebell exercises and crossfit training or when on holiday.

They are practical, can be machine washed, sit tight and comfortable, they are easy to take on and off and then they are sweat-absorbing.
How to use them

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Technical data:
• Product: Hard-shell wrist guard 11cm long
• Model: Jordan
• Number in the package: 2 pcs.
• Wash: Cold machine wash
• Drying: Must be air-dried
• Size: One Size Fits All
• Other: Sweat and moisture absorbing