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  • Kettlebell original 16 kg Kettlebell original 16 kg

Kettlebell 16 kg

Kettlebell 16 kg
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Quick Overview

Original Kettlebell 16 kg - great for many Kettlebell exercises and especially suitable for a well-trained Kettlebell practitioner. Has a great effect on muscle mass and fat burning.

Opposite weight training provides Kettlebell training with a longer and more functional strength that can be used by all athletes. Kettlebell training also provides many more exercises to choose from than weight training.

With two to three different Kettlebells from KettlebellShop, you have a wealth of options to vary your exercises and put training programs that keep your mind up.

4 Kettlebell Exercises For Butt:

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Technical data:
Weight: 16 kg
Handle: 38 mm Ø
Width: diameter 152 mm Ø
Height: 239 mm
Material: Cast iron
Surface: Powder coating
Colour Black
Manufactor: KettlebellShop.