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Classic Steel Kettlebell 4-32 kg

Kettlebells are a very versatile training tool that allows you to train the whole body alone using the right size kettlebell.

With the Classic Steel Kettlebell, there is a wide selection for building a set for training - the range goes from 4 to 32 kilos.

Classic Steel Kettlebells are a series of colored kettlebells, the size of which depends on the weight - as opposed to competition kettlebells, which always have the same dimensions regardless of weight.

Kettlebells have been an incredibly popular training tool for the last few years. Kettlebell training can be physically hard and challenging, but the wide range of weights also means that the training can be performed by everyone, for example everything from beginners to experienced exercisers, by elite athletes, young and old, etc. Only by using the exercise kettlebell-swings can in 10-20 minutes you get a workout that effectively trains the whole body with special focus on the major muscle groups such as legs, buttocks and back. It also means that it is a training tool many have left for the days when home training is preferable to a trip to the gym.

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Kettlebells are an incredibly effective training tool when you want to train either specific muscle groups or train the whole body. This can be done with the help of exercises such as kettlebell swings or squats, where you do not need anything but the right kettlebell and a fitness mat (to ensure that you stand more firmly and solidly planted when you do your exercises). With kettlebells, it is most important in the beginning to master the technique and then work with the number of repetitions and possibly higher load. Then you achieve a combination of explosiveness, strength and fitness in training. The Classic Steel Kettlebell series includes: Kettlebell 4 kilos Kettlebell 6 kilos Kettlebell 8 kilos Kettlebell 10 kilos Kettlebell 12 kilos Kettlebell 16 kilos Kettlebell 20 kilos Kettlebell 24 kilos Kettlebell 28 kilos Kettlebell 32 kilos