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Competition Kettlebells

Our Competition Kettlebells (competition kettlebells) have exactly the same physical size and design,

so it is just the color and the weight that is different.

That they are the same size (volume) regardless of weight means that you get a similar balance and technique

in the exercises. Thus, greater comfort and a little easier workout.

Competition Kettlebells are made of steel and are very durable. - Read more further down the page.

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Kettlebells fills nothing at home and is an excellent training tool when you occasionally want intensive workout without the gym.
Competition Kettlebells are widely used in gyms and at home.

Why use Kettlebells?

Because you exercise your power with natural and functional movements throughout the body.

Exercise and training with Kettlebells is both for men and women. It is a convenient and great form of exercise because

you only 10 minutes a day builds strength and burns fat, roughly equivalent to one and a half hours in the gym.

Competition Kettlebells from KettlebellShop is incredibly popular among serious athletes and veteran exercisers in all sports.

More and more - even beginners - discover the possibilities with Kettlebells and get started with training.

So many highlights that Kettlebells from KettlebellShop has a perfect sizing and is completely without sharp burrs

that could easily be raking fingers until they bled.