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Original Kettlebells, for Kettlebell training - always great deals at KettlebellShop®

Kettlebells and accessories
In KettlebellShop we have gathered a large selection of products to increase the joy of training and to promote recovery until the next training. It is important to have a good grip both for training with kettlebells and with other training tools during functional training and strength training. It increases the joy of training and not least strengthens safety. During training with kettlebells, wrists can be exposed to pressure and shock, where wrist protectors can be strongly recommended. Hands and palms can be exposed to wear and tear from handling kettlebells during prolonged training sessions. Lime in various shades is a faithful companion to functional training. See more here on the page.

Kettlebell training

Exercise with Kettlebells is for both women and men. This type of exercise is great because you in just 10 minutes

a day builds strength and burns fat, roughly equivalent to one and a half hours in the gym.

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On this page we have collected some products that can be used for training with kettlebells and other of the training tools that we sell. Common to them all is that they contribute to a better training experience, so you will focus on the training itself. A good grip is just alpha and omega during training.


Remember you can use Kettlebells to both lose fat and build muscle, increase stamina and train explosiveness.

The possibilities with Kettlebells are many. So just go ahead - you'll love it.

As a woman you should start with a Kettlebell at max 8 or 12 kg - and as a man with a Kettlebell at max 12 or 16 kg.

Our Original Kettlebells delivered in a very high quality and are made of cast iron according to current environmental requirements,

including a content of about 50% recycled iron.

Kettlebells is an ancient Russian tool to the modern human, who wishes to be super fit.

A Kettlebell, or Girya in Russian, is a traditional Russian dumbbell that looks like an enlarged ball with a hank.