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  • RX Smart Gear Drag Rope - Camo RX Smart Gear Drag Rope - Camo
  • RX Smart Gear Drag Rope - Camo RX Smart Gear Drag Rope - Camo

RX Smart Gear Drag Rope - Camo

RX Smart Gear Drag Rope - Camo
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Quick Overview

RX's Drag Rope has no turning, no bearing and nothing that makes life easier, only two handles and a piece of polypropylene woven rope with an extremely high coefficient of traction. The energy production to turn the tow rope is exponential for a wire speed rope. This results in it being one of the best forms of exercise you will ever experience due to the constant air resistance.

Drag Ropes from the Rx Smart Gear is another thing in the concept of "high speed, less drag." The Rx Drag Jump Rope gives athletes a unique challenge by giving them more of a classic, old school jump rope experience.

An effective work out at home can be done with a drag rope and a kettlebell. Combine with running and you are guaranteed to get your heart rate up and activated the large muscle groups. You really feel like humming along to the title track for Rocky.

Use of the Rx Jump Rope on concrete, asphalt, tile, gravel or any other abrasive surface automatically voids the warranty. Enjoy training outside with a protective layer, for example with an RX Target mat.

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Polypropylene woven rope. Ergonomic grip-friendly handles in black. No turning, no bearing, strong resistance

Three size options - Small, Medium and Large

Small - heights from 142 to 157 cm

Medium - heights from 158 to 172 cm

Large - Heights from 173 to 188 cm