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  • støbejernskettlebell 8 kg støbejernskettlebell 8 kg

Outlet Kettlebell 8 kg

Outlet Kettlebell 8 kg
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Quick Overview

Outlet Kettlebell 8 kg - here you get a cheap Kettlebell of good quality, made at KettlebellShop's own foundry in the East.

It's a really good start, if you want to start crossfit training with Kettlebells, you will just sniff to the training form. The Kettlebell can also be a part of your upcoming Kettlebell set.

8 kg is a good starting weight for women, while 12 kg is an obvious starting weight for men.

As a rule, you should be able to push your Kettlebell over your head 3-5 times. It's better to start with a lower weight than to put out too hard.
Remember, technology before weight.

Below you can see an exercise for beginners that is very good to learn from.

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Technical data:
Weight: 8 kg
Handles, diameter 30-31 mm
Width: 120 mm
Height: 194 mm
Material: Cast iron
Surface: Powder coating
Color: Black