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Suspension solutions (anchor points)

In KettlebellShop we have a number of different suspension solutions (anchor points, door anchors) for use with, among other things, sling trainers / suspension trainers and gymnastic rings. Here you work with your own body weight. There are both fixed anchor points and mobile suspension solutions as well as extensions, for example if you want to train when you are on the go.

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The indispensable anchor point for the TRX training

If you are thus completely crazy about TRX training, then you probably also know how important a good anchor point is. The fantastic system of rope is attached to the anchor point, which can be used on either the wall or the ceiling. Your ropes will be attached to something solid, so you have the opportunity to use your own body weight for training. In other words, you can hardly do without a good anchor point if you have to perform your TRX training to the letter. Here at Kettlebellshop, we offer a large selection of such suspension solutions, and you will find, among other things, an x ​​mount door anchor and a trx door anchor. So go exploring on this page if you are missing the perfect anchor point for your TRX training.

Get many different options with an X Mount anchor point

One of the many suspension solutions you will find here on the site is our X mount anchor point. This is an anchor point that you can easily mount on either a wall or on a ceiling beam. Thus, you have easy access to training with your TRX ropes, regardless of whether you use it in the gym or at home. This is because it is a very simple and durable solution for both team training in the fitness center and in the home center, where you can, among other things, hang your anchor point up in the living room, in the carport or in a completely third place. With this anchor point, you also have the option of hanging up two simultaneous users. In short, it is an incredibly solid and discreet solution that offers several different options.

Have your anchor point with you on the go

However, are you not interested in hanging something permanently up on either the wall or in the ceiling? Are you also looking for an anchor point that you can easily and quickly take with you when you are on the go? Then we have the perfect anchor point for you! Our fantastic MobileFit Pro anchor point with door anchors gives you extra freedom. It is an unusually simple anchor point that you can use in both doors and windows. You do not have to fasten it in some places, and you can therefore always take it with you on the go without having to screw or drill.

Large selection of suspension solutions at Kettlebellshop

Here at Kettlebellshop, we thus offer a large and not least exciting selection of suspension solutions that you can use when you need to get started on your TRX training. We offer everything from a mobile anchor point to a door anchor, and we therefore also guarantee that we have exactly the anchor point that you go and dream of! If you also buy your new anchor point here with us, we make sure that you always get a good offer along the way. Thus, you have the opportunity to come home with the perfect anchor point, but without having to empty your entire wallet - and who does not want that? So finally explore our large selection of suspension solutions right here on the site, and find all your favorites today!

Great service and fast delivery

Here at Kettlebellshop, we are incredibly committed to fast delivery and good service. We have a large selection of anchor points on this page, and you are therefore guaranteed to find exactly the anchor point that you have been dreaming of! We are also proud to be a dealer of anchor points here in Denmark, and this is clearly seen in our large selection of anchor points. So finally go exploring in the exciting selection already today. However, if you have questions about a specific anchor point, a specific wall hook or just something completely different, please feel free to give us a call on 82 13 69 75, or you can fill out our contact form - we look forward to hearing from you!