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Holiday training

Training during the holidays. Here we offer some tools that are smart to use during the holidays. The goals can be many, for example to keep in shape by using the holiday to straighten up or straight ahead. We have placed emphasis on presenting travel-friendly tools that do not take up much space in the travel bag and which can also provide effective training. We also have various mobile and fixed suspension solutions for training equipment so you can use for your equipment, for example a sling trainer or some gymnastic rings. Holiday time is also the opportunity to move the training outdoors.

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Exercise effectively while on vacation. We focus on some products that do not take up much space and that can provide an effective work out.

TRX Move is a travel-friendly lightweight sling trainer with all the familiar, delicious features from TRX. Can be set up and moved around very quickly. In general, training with your own body weight is ideal for holiday time. With an anchor point, gymnastic rings and sling trainers can be fitted for use outdoors.

A door anchor is very easy to carry and offers several options, for example with power bands or sling trainers.

Power bands / training elastics provide many opportunities for effective training, eg they provide many opportunities with a door anchor.

Skipping rope / speed rope is effective training. On rough surfaces, we recommend a substrate to protect the cable. We have some mats for that purpose. A discarded yoga mat can also be used.

The training clubs, Pahlavandles, are extremely smart in the travel bag. There are two travel-friendly handles that can be mounted on recycled bottles and the weight can be adjusted with the amount you pour into the bottle.

Various mobile suspension solutions mean that tools can be used outdoors, eg TRX Extender and TRX Suspension. A door anchor can be used in many places we have, among other things. a small, handy one from MobileFit.