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Lime, sport chalk, magnesium, hand repair

Sports lime / lime blocks and magnesium powder / magnesium carbonate are for sports where it is important to have a good grip in the heat of the match - and protect your hands from scratches, wounds, tears etc. This includes gymnastics, mountain climbing and bouldering, many athletics disciplines (eg throwing exercises and pole vaulting), weightlifting, skipping, rowing, circle training and other forms of training where you want to maintain the grip even with sweaty hands. Among the manufacturers you will find 8cPlus, Climbskin and ChupaClimb, all of which are known from the climbing and bouldering environment. They know if anyone needs a good grip and of protecting and caring for hands and fingers. Do you need to repair affected hands post workout - then we have several products with 100% natural ingredients from i.a. Climbskin and Velites. Last but not least, we have products to nurture sore and tired muscles and to promote a faster recovery until the next workout.

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Magnesium powder for training

On this page you will thus find our large selection of magnesium powder, also called sports lime. The selection is wide, and we therefore also guarantee that you can find some lime for your training right here, regardless of whether you need to train in fitness, whether you need to train your climbing or something completely different. However, there are many different types of magnesium powder and sports lime, which is why you have the opportunity to read more about the smart powder right here.

Get rid of your sweaty palms easily and quickly

Some of the things that often come to mind during training are the damp hands. If your hands get wet from sweat, your grip will immediately deteriorate and you will find it more difficult to perform the various exercises correctly. The same goes when you are out climbing. With even the most skilled climber, moist hands set limits on how good the climbing route will be. However, there is an easy and quick solution to the problem and it is called magnesium powder or sports lime. If you add lime to your sweaty palms, you will immediately get a much better grip on either the climbing wall or the weights in fitness. In short, with magnesium powder, you are guaranteed the very best grip in the entire fitness center or in the entire climbing club! We think this is absolutely fantastic, which is why we have also collected a lot of different types of magnesium powder right here on the site! You will thus find everything from a smart lime ball to sports lime in blocks.

Try liquid magnesium powder

Have you tried using liquid magnesium powder? It is incredibly easy to dose while drying in just a few seconds. Your hands are left completely dry, and you will get rid of your sweating problem in no time. Liquid magnesium powder is also better for drying out your hands than regular magnesium powder, and the effect lasts even longer. And with that said, liquid magnesium powder doesn't waste as much either! In short, there are many benefits to using liquid magnesium powder, and many have already found out. However, you can with great advantage combine the liquid magnesium with ordinary magnesium powder. This way you get the solution that keeps your hands dry for the longest time.

Large selection of magnesium powder at Kettlebellshop

Yes, there are an incredible number of options when it comes to magnesium powder, and right here on the site you have the opportunity to explore a wide range of them! We offer a large and not least exciting selection of different magnesium powder, and therefore we also guarantee that you will find exactly the magnesium powder that you have been looking for! If you also buy your new magnesium powder right here with us, we make sure that you always get a good offer along the way. This way you have the opportunity to have dry hands every time you have to train, but without having to empty your entire wallet - and who does not want that? So finally explore our large selection of magnesium powder right here on the site, and find your favorite today!

Great service and fast delivery

Here at Kettlebellshop, we are incredibly committed to fast delivery and good service. We have a large selection of magnesium powder on this page, and you are therefore guaranteed to find exactly the magnesium powder for training that you have been dreaming of! We are also proud to be a distributor of magnesium powder here in Denmark, and this is clearly seen in our large selection of magnesium carbonate. So finally go exploring in the exciting selection already today. However, if you have questions about a particular lime and magnesium or just about something completely different, please feel free to give us a call on 82 13 69 75, or you can fill out our contact form - we look forward to hearing from you!