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Occlusion band / BFR / Kaatsu

With occlusion training, you get an effective training method, as a sensible alternative to heavy strength training. Occlusion training is precisely execution with low load and many repetitions wearing occlusion bands. It is extremely effective for both muscle building and rehabilitation - and the great advantage is that you can train with very low intensity. The obvious advantage is that you also relieve joints and thus reduce the risk of injury. Training with occlusion equipment is widely used to build muscle mass, for example after an injury period. Dear child, as you know, has many names. Occlusion training is also known as KAATSU or blood flow restriction abbreviated BFR

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Stimulate muscle growth with minimal strain using occlusion bands

Training with occlusion bands has thus become an incredibly popular form of training - and this applies to both the gyms and home fitness. In addition, it is also a form of exercise that is incredibly popular in science, as studies show that exercise with occlusion bands can incredibly effectively stimulate muscle growth, even when training with weights as low as 20% of 1RM. In other words, occlusion band training is incredibly beneficial for you who have been injured and who can not handle particularly heavy loads, but who still want muscle growth. However, you can also simply use occlusion tape as a supplement to your other training. The choice is entirely up to you, and it is in fact almost only the imagination that sets the limits of what you can achieve with these smart ties!

How does the training with occlusion tape work?

Now you might be wondering how it is possible that the training with occlusion bands is so effective when the muscles are exposed to such minimal load? Yes, it happens that the backflow of your blood is pinched by the special occlusion bands. Thus, there is an accumulation of depleted blood in the muscles you train. This blood clot as well as the oxygen-poor conditions create an incredibly stressful environment for the working muscles and therefore you achieve an incredibly violent pump as well as fatigue in the muscles. This high degree of fatigue as well as the metabolic stress helps to simulate the growth of your muscles - even if no use is made of hard load. For this very reason, training with occlusion bands is also incredibly safe and gentle, but also extremely effective. The form of exercise is also known by names such as BFR / Blood Flow Restriction and Kaatsu.

Can I train all muscle groups with occlusion bands?

There are many who believe that occlusion training is only for those who want to train arms and legs. However, this is far from the truth. Occlusion training can easily have a positive effect on, for example, chest, buttocks and back. By using occlusion training to train arms and legs, the nervous system will experience extreme fatigue in these particular muscle groups. This means that the nervous system will do everything it can to maintain power production. As compensation, the nervous system must therefore create greater muscle activation of the muscle groups that are not trained with occlusion bands. In short, training with occlusion bands benefits the whole body and you can therefore with great advantage try it out if you are completely crazy about training and muscle building!

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Here at Kettlebellshop, we are incredibly committed to fast delivery and good service. We have a large selection of Occlusion tapes on this page, and you are therefore guaranteed to find exactly the Occlusion Equipment that you have been dreaming of! We are also proud to be a dealer of Occlusion in Denmark, and this is clearly seen in our large selection of Occlusion training tapes. So finally go exploring in the exciting selection already today. However, if you have questions about our Occlusion Training equipment or just about something completely different, please feel free to give us a call on 82 13 69 75, or you can fill out our contact form - we look forward to hearing from you!