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  • Vinylbelagt Kettlebell 8 kg. Vinylbelagt Kettlebell 8 kg.

Vinyl Coated Kettlebell 8 kg.

Vinyl Coated Kettlebell 8 kg.
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Quick Overview

A very popular size for both men and women.

For most women, 8 kg is a good starting weight, while for men it is 12 kg. You should ideally push your kettlebell over your head 3-5 times. Begin lower with a lower weight and give yourself time to control the technique instead of hardening.

A kettlebell must be used explosively and dynamically, which means at high speed and motion. This will result in increased strength, coordination, stabilization and endurance. You exercise dynamically and not static!

If you are in doubt, contact KettlebellShop at 82 13 69 75 - we have people by phone Monday-Friday at. 9-15.

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Gear Spec:
• Weight: 8 kg
• Handle, diameter 29 mm
• Material: Cast iron
• Surface: Vinyl
• Colour Black